Investigation Department

As information became a more crucial tool in the recovery process, AMA created an Investigation Team to offer further Value Added Services to clients. Our Trace, Pre-Sue and Home visits can all contribute to cost effective use of court action and diligence. It is of real benefit to have an understanding of a debtor's circumstances before exposure to the risk of the costs of litigation.

Our investigation experience has also enabled us to expand into evidence gathering whether through detailed accident reports or the taking of precognitions.

Finally our investigations team will take on any pre-court recovery of vehicles or other moveables such as credit cards. Our diligence team will deal with any asset recovery where a decree has been obtained.

Web Minerva

Instructing AMA is simple if you register for our on-line system Web Minerva. This will also enable you to monitor case progress and update instructions amongst other things. Further details can be found on our: