Pre Sue/Status Reports

Court action is a very effective tool in the recovery process but creditors often want the assurance of knowing their decree will be enforceable. Our pre-sue reports can provide information on a debtor's circumstances to allow an informed judgement to be made on the effectivenes of future recovery action. This allows the creditor to assess the capability of the debtor to discharge his liability and avoid the possibility of "throwing good money after bad." Pre-sue reports can identify assets and income that can be attached or arrested once decree is obtained.

Through the use of the most comprehensive data sources available on the market and our own extensive experience we provide an effective client driven service for those considering their recovery options..


Whether you require to trace someone to collect a debt, enforce a decree, cite them as a witness or locate them as a beneficiary, our investigation team can provide an effective and efficient sevice. They are happy to take on board all cases from the simple case of someone moving home recently to the sophisticated debtor who uses a variety of means to remain undetected. Our experienced staff, while adhering to all relevant legislation, have a great success in tracing individuals and businesses not wishing to be found. This is achieved using a combination of state of the art technology and old fashioned detective work.

Our business strengths lie in an ability to focus investigative knowledge so that clients needs are identified, served and satisfied.We are aware that clients require tact, discretion and integrity as well as positive definable results.

Home Visits/Interviews

As an addition to our office based Pre-Sue Report service we can also offer a home visit or debtor interview service. This can be in addition to a pre-sue report or as a standalone service. This service can include completion of a questionnaire to the client's specifications. Users of this service have included:

  • Creditors requiring a statement of debtor circumstances
  • Trustees in sequestration requiring statements of assets and liabilities and income and outgoings
  • Insurance companies requiring a statement of means to establish ability to settle claims
  • Insurance companies requiring completion of claim forms or other insurance documents.

Our interviewers will also provide an independent assessment of the debtor's means as a result of their visit.

Reports and Database Searches

All of our information services are based on access to national registers and databases. At the simplest level we can provide reports from the following registers and databases.

  • Companies House
  • Land Register (Scotland)
  • Debt Arrangement Scheme (DAS) Register