Use of Technology is an essential part of the AMA approach to providing an efficient and cost effective service. IT Systems have played a vital part in the organisation since 1984 but was taken to a new level in 2000 with the beginnings of the development of our In-house Minerva suite of software. This suite has been extended to all areas of our activities.

Minerva In-house

Minerva software is available to all staff through three modules, Citation & Diligence, Summary Warrant and Debt Collection. The software is entirely workflow driven and the three modules reflect that the three areas of operation utilise separate workflows. The three modules interconnect as required and in addition share a trace and investigation facility to ensure a comprehensive service can be supplied from and throughout all areas of our business.

The following is a brief list of the Minerva advantages that bring efficiency to the AMA operation and benefits to the client by way of speed of processing cases and generating timely and relevant reports.

  • Continual Tracking of cases by the workflow – Cases cannot get “lost”
  • Generation of allocatable tasks at all stages of the workflow.
  • Automatic document generation
  • Interaction with external databases such as Registers Direct, Companies House, Data Discoveries
  • Permanent Audit Trail