Citation and Diligence Services

Speed, Quality, Results

Citation and Diligence are at the heart of the services provided by AMA. With over 60 years of trading experience we have refined and improved our services to provide a service that not only meets key client requirements but surpasses them.

Key Requirements

Essential client requirements that are central to our ethos include:

  • Prompt Service and return of papers accompanied by an
  • Accurate Execution of Service and a
  • Clear and concise report containing all important necessary information for any future action.

Achieving Prompt Levels of Service

Our People
  • Highly experienced staff, our low staff turnover resulting in decades of experience in some cases, providing the necessary expertise in both straightforward and complex cases.
  • Highly trained staff as evidenced by our
    • Gold Investors in People and
    • Silver Investor in Young People Awards.
  • Staff who go that extra mile to provide helpful advice
  • High degree of personal contact providing continuity as instructions progress and as a help facility.
  • Offices conveniently located throughout Central Scotland, run by staff with local knowledge, ensuring a local service.
Our IT systems
  • Workflow driven Minerva software
  • Automated document production based on an extensive and comprehensive database of instruction requirements.
  • Inbuilt Scheduling to ensure all relevant date driven instructions executed on time.
  • In-house IT team to ensure Minerva software, fully developed and controlled by AMA, is up to date and takes advantage of technological developments to benefit our client base.
  • Vehicle tracking to ensure efficient officer allocation for urgent instructions.
  • Vehicle navigation system can be re-routed from office for urgent requirements.
  • Officers upload their work and execution details to handheld Tablets which synchronize by 3G via SFTP to drive efficiency while ensuring all data is fully secure.
  • Officer cars supplied with Bluetooth printers ensuring urgent instructions can be printed on the road.
Our information systems
  • Inbuilt address verification software to ensure routing accuracy
  • In-house investigation team providing same day tracing services while officers on the road using both mobile and web based communication

Achieving Accuracy of Service

People and systems optimised to achieve accuracy of service.
  • Minerva software written in-house to ensure compliance with Scottish Court requirements but adaptable to provide international services
  • Extensive database of instruction and execution templates ensuring standard forms are available for (almost) every instruction.
  • Supported by historical case records for templates for unusual instructions.
  • Automatic address verification to ensure accuracy of all addresses.
  • Long serving staff with significant experience in drafting citations and executions.
  • Comprehensive training intranet site to ensure all staff have the necessary tools for all jobs.
  • Comprehensive auditing schedule to ensure standards are maintained.
  • Officers upload their execution details to handheld Tablets which synchronize by 3G or over the web to drive accuracy. No errors with transfer of information from paper to PC.

Going the extra mile – Value Added Services

  • Free advice service available
  • Same day service in urgent cases
  • Document uplift service in urgent cases
  • Same day return of papers to court in urgent cases.
  • Out of business hours’ service
  • Real time monitoring of case progress through Web Minerva
  • International service for out of jurisdiction requirements

Reporting – Driving Future Client Results

Relevant reporting
  • Succinct reporting but comprehensive inclusion of all relevant information for further action.
  • Reports include:
    • Details of all enquiries
    • Confirmation of current address
    • Contact by the recipient at and after the time of service
    • Financial Status of the recipient as far as known.
    • Property Valuation if appropriate
    Prospects of future diligence by
    • Earnings Arrestment
    • Bank Arrestment
    • Attachment
    • Exceptional Attachment
    • Inhibition
    • Sequestration

All information obtained at the time of service or subsequent desktop enquiries provided free of charge (except where outlays have been incurred).

Methods of reporting

Reporting by preferred format including:

  • Email
  • Secure sftp server
  • Web Minerva Portal
  • Agreed file format for bulk instructions.
Information available for reporting

Reports are crucial for future planning of action. To support the provision of information we have access to various databases and sources of information to ensure you are given as full a picture as possible.

These include:

  • Social Media channels
  • Equifax
  • GB Group
  • Registers of Scotland
  • Companies House

These data sources are used as routine to supplement data gathered at the time of service.

In-house Investigation Team

Our in-house investigation team are utilised for all instructions or can be directly instructed to obtain:

  • Tracing reports for absconded debtors
  • Diligence Prospects
  • Title Searches for Inhibition/Sequestration prospects
  • Director/Company information

Web Minerva

All our Citation and Diligence services are supported by our on-line client portal Web Minerva. Web Minerva has several features that simplifies the process of working with AMA including:

  • Facility to instruct on-line.
  • Facility to upload documents.
  • Facility to update instructions and supply additional information.
  • Real-time monitoring of case progress.
  • Real time updates on balances and all contacts.
  • Facility to download copy documents.
  • Facility to view and download historical invoices
  • Access to KPI and SLA reports