Invoice Downloads Now Available On Web Minerva
March 2018

At Alex M Adamson LLP all of our citation and diligence services are supported by our online client portal Web Minerva. Innovation is key here at AMA so we are continuously working on the features we can offer clients through this system in order to make the process of working with us as simple as possible. Our latest update has increased efficiency by streamlining the method in which clients can obtain copy invoices from us by making these available via Web Minerva.

What benefits does the latest update offer clients?

The latest addition to the system offeres an alternative to time intensive telephone and email enquiries to obtain copy invoices by making these accessible to clients on the Web Minerva portal. We were aware of the time involved in requesting copy invoices when we issued a client’s statement of account so we were keen to make this process easier by creating a facility where these could be accessed on demand. The new update enables clients to instantly download copy invoices which are dated from October 2016 onwards, thus saving clients time and effort.

What other features does Web Minerva offer clients?

The online access system allows clients to view all their cases on a secure server in real-time, ensuring up to date information is available without the need for phone or email contact. The portal also allows clients to send information to us securely online. The full benefits of the system are:

  • Free online access available to clients on request
  • Case progress can be tracked in real time
  • All contact between a client and their customer is viewable, providing an automatic audit trial on cases which can help clarify the timeline of activity at a later date
  • Offer secure transfer of information within cases, including uploading documents and instructions to cases. A prompt is then sent to AMA staff when new information is available
  • View updated expenses and balances position, including all chargeable sheriff officer fees
  • Cases can be monitored and information transferred without telephone or email
  • KPI & SLA reports are available via the portal
  • Provides the facility to download copy documents

How do I access Web Minerva?

You must be an existing client with a current AMA customer code to be able to take advantage of the recent system enhancement and the overall benefits of Web Minerva. You can log in or request access here