How Web-based Systems Are Helping Debt Collection
March 2017

The debt collection industry is one of many that is benefitting from the rise of web-based systems. This is a system where a website is used as the interface or front-end allowing users to access the system from any browser based device such as computers, tablets and mobiles which are connected to the Internet using a standard browser. Web Minerva is our online access system here at Alex M Adamson which offers our clients a range of benefits when working with us:

Accessible Anywhere

A clear benefit of Web Minerva is that it is accessible anywhere by all parties as long as they are connected to the internet using a standard browser. This means that clients have free online access to track the real time details of their case at any time.

Increases Efficiency & Communication

Our clients can monitor cases and transfer information via Web Minerva side-lining the necessity of a call or e-mail. Facilities allow clients to instruct AMA online, transfer information on a case & upload documents to support cases. Each action sends an immediate prompt through to AMA staff to inform them that an update on the case is available.

The online system also streamlines the communication from AMA to clients with reports being available to request online & account balances being viewable on Web Minerva.

Saves Money

The efficiency and convenience of the Web Minerva system provides our clients with savings on staff time by ensuring that time is not spent on phones or composing emails. The accumulation of benefits discussed above not only makes the debt collection process simpler, it ultimately allows them to make savings on costs - making it cheaper too.

Web Minerva Testimonials

“Inverclyde Council have been a client of Alex M Adamson since October 2012 and use the Web Minerva system on a daily basis for all our debt streams. Web Minerva is user friendly and provides significant savings on staff time and therefore costs, by allowing the Debt Recovery staff to check current action being taken by the Sheriff Officers and providing updates to the sheriff officers. The benefits to both parties being that staff time is not consumed on the phones, allowing more focus on collections.”
Colin Muir - Revenue & Debt Recovery Supervisor, Inverclyde Council

“I find the Minerva case management system to be a useful real time platform to aid ensuring we have the most up to date information on our debt cases, I find it easy to use and informative and it provides me with all case information at a click of the mouse. I also find the system has been enhanced per our requests and requirements.”
Tracy Convy – Credit Controller, Charles White Ltd

“Falkirk Council use web Minerva on a regular daily basis. It is great for a quick view and gives most of the information that is required to enable enquiries to be answered. It also saves time by cutting out phone calls, however, if there is anything more complex than a phone call will be required. The highlighted cases that appear on an individual users screen is a great way of reviewing and reminding users. Overall staff at Falkirk Council find the navigation around the system easy to use and can see at a glance the payments that have been made and any contact made by the debtor.”
Mandy Philp – Corporate Debt Manager, Falkirk Council