Finding The Right Debt Recovery Process For You: When Should You Use Investigation Services?
March 2018

Information goes hand in hand with effective debt recovery. At Alex M Adamson LLP we offer a range of investigative services to ensure our clients can explore a debtor’s circumstances so we can tailor the debt recovery process to suit.

Our Investigations department services include trace, pre-sue & home visits which can all contribute to the cost effective use of court action and diligence by providing an understanding of the debtor’s circumstances before exposure to the costs of litigation. Our investigations team use a range of office based and site visit options to gain an understanding of a debtors lifestyle and background including residential and employment traces; bankruptcy checks; social media reports; door visits; and pre-sue status reports, with additional options available dependant on client needs.

Once the appropriate information has been collated it is then easier to make a calculated judgement on the best possible method of recovery or next step in the recovery process. We find our investigative services prove particularly effective in:

  • Cases that have a large outstanding balance
  • Cases where the debt is a recurring liability
  • Cases where clients feel they lack options when it comes to dealing with evasive or absconded debtors
  • Cases that clients have exhausted all internal resources on trying to recover the outstanding sum

In these cases investing in investigative services prior to taking court action can reduce the risk of incurring unnecessary costs by identifying cases where court action may be unsuccessful. The main aim of our value added investigative service is to ensure our clients don’t throw away good money chasing bad and to focus resources instead on those cases where court action should be more successful. When a debtors circumstances are fully understood court action can be a very cost effective process when the information required to recover the unpaid debt has been established.

You can find out more about the range of services our Investigations Department offer here or telephone 01324 888037