How AMA Adapt to Maintain and Improve Client Service Levels during Coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic has changed how businesses function across the country, and Alex M Adamson is no exception. We asked four employees across different departments how the current situation and safety guidelines has impacted their work. Their answers show that Alex M Adamson has not only maintained an excellent level of service under difficult circumstances, but has even improved in response to the pandemic.

Debt Collection Manager Alistair Turnbull on working from home

Using a remote desktop connection I am able to work normally from my laptop at home by controlling my PC in the office. We are also able to use a mobile app version of our phone system to remain connected as normal. If this is the new normal for the foreseeable future, it is certainly not affecting our ability to work as I have access to all the same things I would if I was physically in the office.

Diligence Supervisor Sally Kerr on working from the office

Our IT department have been second to none in getting employees set up working from home without severing the constant contact we are so used to in an office environment. Although daily life hasn’t changed significantly, I would say there has been one major change and that is electronic instructions. It has been a long standing goal to work towards getting this industry online and AMA has always been leading the way in terms of staying up to date with technology. By dealing with electronic instructions, we are able to significantly reduce our turn-around times and provide an even better service to clients. In terms of employees and members of the public, health and safety has always been on the forefront of our minds but our enhanced guidelines prove that it is a priority more so than ever. These guidelines not only allow staff members to return to the office safely but eradicate any reservations they may have and allow them to settle back into a somewhat normal routine.

Head Sheriff Officer Stephen Rowe on working as Sheriff Officer

As a Sheriff Officer daily life has not changed a great deal since March. We still accept and deal with instructions as we did before hand with one major caveat, the health and safety of our staff and members of the public that we visit. This was not taken lightly before March but has now become a much more significant aspect in how we operate. Following all of the guidelines issued by government on how to operate safely has allowed us to continue to work, but it would have been much more difficult to carry this out had we not had the IT systems in place to allow us to change our processes and adapt quickly. Electronic instructions have become the norm. Before March it would be normal for me to be in and out of the office at least twice a day. Now having the ability to log in to view and complete any paper work remotely, either from the car or home, I only have to call in at the office once a day.

General Manager Kevin McKay

Although there have been some significant challenges to overcome since we first entered lockdown in March, we have seen the benefits that long term planning in terms of systems and processes can have. The development of effective and secure remote working protocols combined with the capacity of our Splicecom phone system to facilitate mobile operation ensured we were able to keep staff safe while maintaining service. In conjunction with flexible and motivated employees this allowed AMA to quickly setup a core team who were able to handle all required workloads at the critical time. As we progress towards more normalised operations the ability of our systems to upscale quickly for remote working is proving essential and providing our clients with the comfort that we will continue to service their caseloads effectively.