AMA Open For Citation as Courts Reopen
June 2020

We are pleased to announce we have now been issued with guidance from the society of Messenger-at-Arms and Sheriff Officers on the service of court documents and enforcement.

Generally the guidance will follow the framework for Decision Making issued by the Scottish Government with the ability to fulfil different instructions as we enter each phase. We have been advised we can resume service of Initial Writs, Summonses, Simple Procedure Claims and other Notices that require served under statute.

With regards to enforcement of decrees; Arrestments, Inhibitions and Earnings Arrestments (where a Charge has previously been executed) can proceed. Charges for Payment at business and commercial premises, can also resume.

We have begun contacting relevant clients with cases currently on hold to make them aware that we are now in a position to proceed and have already actioned some of these requests. However, please do not hesitate to contact our office if you require advice on the current status of your instruction or for any other matter. Furthermore, as we continue to progress into each phase we shall keep all clients updated accordingly.

A final note that we are still very much open for business and are happy to carry out instructions that fall into the above categories as well as answer any queries you may have.

  • Contact our office on 01324 634229 or by email:- Send Email