Finding The Right Debt Recovery Process For You: When Should You Use Commercial Debt Collection Services?
September 2018

Alex M Adamson have over 60 years’ experience in commercial debt collection, offering a range of tailored services to businesses of all shapes and sizes. Over the years we’ve seen that a common challenge for businesses is deciding if or when to partner with a debt recovery firm to recoup unpaid debts. Invoicing early and chasing payments should help keep your cash flow healthy but sometimes the money you are owed isn’t forthcoming, so we take a look at what to expect when expert help is required.

Industry reports show that even by instructing a debt collection firm to issue a simple Letter Before Action encourages a settlement in around 86% of cases. Despite statistics like these many business owners are still reluctant to seek help recovering debts but if you’ve created an effective credit control process (see our tips here) yet a customer is still avoiding payment then it’s time to partner with debt collection experts. Handing this task over to a team like ourselves ensures you can use your valuable time to run your business while we help boost your cash flow by pursing the payments for your unpaid invoices.

Before any recovery activities take place our expert account managers take the time to build a relationship with our clients in order to become an integrated part of their credit control process. All correspondence with creditors are tailored to fit each individual case, with the information required on letters and collection techniques discussed beforehand with your team. As a Credit Services Association member we use highly professional collection techniques, ensuring there is no potential for any negative impact to your brand.

Our pre-litigation services then shape our recommendations for the recovery process by identifying a debtor’s ability to pay. This comprehensive pre court service and the profiling of cases avoids unnecessary court action and any unnecessary costs.

Despite our experience in dispute resolution, some cases will require court action. Where this is recommended our clients always have the final decision on whether to pursue the case. If you choose to go ahead with court proceedings working with our panel of solicitors will help to keep costs down and make the process as administratively straightforward for you as possible.

Throughout this recovery process our experienced team will be on hand to guide you through and issue you with reports to update you on the case. These can be tailored to the client’s requirements and can be sent via the preferred method of correspondence. Our online Web Minerva system provides these reports in real time as well as allowing you to follow the recovery process, order copy documents, download reports and provide any further instructions.

We centre our recovery approach around your needs, maximising your income in the easiest and most cost effective way so you can focus on running a business with a healthy cash flow. We offer complete transparency on all fees so there are no unforeseen costs, and commission fees are only charged if collection can be made.