Getting The Best Results – Citation & Diligence
September 2017

Citation and Diligence are at the heart of what we do here at Alex M Adamson. Our 50+ years of experience providing citation and diligence services to firms of solicitors and other professionals has allowed us to develop and improve our offering to deliver a service that not only meets client requirements but ensures they get the best results possible. To achieve these results there are four key elements which are central to our ethos and are a major contribution to our success - prompt service; accurate execution; providing useful future enforcement guidance; and clear reporting.

Prompt Service

Our investment in our information & IT systems is the driving factor in achieving prompt service for our clients. Our workflow driven Minerva IT system was created and continues to be updated in-house to ensure every step from implementation to reporting is optimised to be as efficient as possible.

During the enforcement process our officers workload is allocated by area using a web based service in order to calculate the most up to date and efficient routes. Up to date technology is also available to officers on the road in the form of a tablet. In the event of discovering an absconded debtor the officers can use tablets to access our trace system so tracing can be done whilst out of the office and appropriate action can be taken immediately. By utilising tablets the officers can also maximise information gathering and minimise time spent on processing service information, this is then synchronised remotely so the database is updated continually with execution results. These results are then ready to review and sign on their return to the office ensuring a rapid turnaround of work.

Accurate Execution

Both our staff training and systems are shaped to achieve accuracy of service. Our in-house Minerva software ensures all output is compliant and our long serving staff have significant experience in drafting citations and executions. They are supported by an extensive database of instruction and execution templates ensuring documentation can be created quickly and accurately every time, as well as having historical case records to hand to support unusual instructions.

Once an execution action has been made our officers upload the details using handheld tablets which synchronise over the web to allow for zero errors during the transfer of information from paper to computer.

Providing Future Enforcement Information

Our officers out of the road and our internal investigations team work hand in hand to ensure accurate information is gathered to help guide future enforcement efforts. Our team have a number of both office based and site visit options at clients’ disposal to collect debtor information which aids in establishing employment status, banking details & asset information. This information then allows us to complete a full picture when detailing the options a client has for future action.
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Clear & Concise Reporting

Our aim is to provide our clients with succinct reports which include all relevant information required to aid their decision regarding any further action. These reports are created by our in-house investigations team who utilise our extensive variety of databases and sources of information to ensure clients are provided with as full a picture as possible in their preferred report format.

We believe that continuous development of the factors above allow us achieve the best results & in order to do so we continually assess the effectiveness of our processes. Our software includes full audit trailing on all cases to allow for quality spot checks and effective auditing. Internal audits are frequently carried out which review work procedures and these are then externally assessed by BSI on a regular basis. We also meet with our clients regularly to review the quality of our service and keep them informed by providing them with any updates, improvements or impact of new legislation.