AMA collections fully functioning again

Looking to recover money but afraid it’s impossible during the current crisis? Alex M Adamson can help with our revised recovery procedures.

We are happy to inform you that Alex M Adamson are fully back in action and able to recover debt. Coronavirus has wreaked havoc on the economy, negatively impacting companies all over the country. These companies need capital to carry on and strengthen our economy. That’s where we come in – we will recover your debts even in this trying time.

Wondering if the debt is recoverable? We will find out for you.

We will contact the debtor and assess their ability to pay the debt. After contact, we will judge the likelihood of recovery, and in the worst scenario, may suggest that the debt is irrecoverable at this time. We may also suggest pausing recovery for a set period for your debtor’s circumstances to change for the better. Using our expertise, we will judge which cases are best to pursue, meaning you won’t waste money pursuing a fruitless case. This is a vital service as coronavirus has left many unable to pay.

Afraid there isn’t much we can do? There is.

Instead we will focus on those who can pay but won’t and continue to pursue cases as we always have. This includes outgoing phone calls and letters, as well as gathering any information that may help with recovery. At the same time, we will apply a sensitive approach, taking into account the current crisis.

Court Action

And what’s more, court action is still possible. This means we can still pursue debts with the courts, taking action against any who can pay but won’t. However, there may be delays as the Courts are facing a significant backlogs.

In addition, site visits are possible, but will be done in accordance with government guidelines and assessed on a case per case basis.